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On the west coast of Africa, lies this beautiful country: Liberia, my place of birth. I spent the first eleven years of my life there; used to visit Lebanon every now and then.

– I miss when the telephone bill was only $10 per month no matter how often we used it.

– I miss the big mango tree, which I used to, literally, lie and on the ground and grab the fruit.

– I miss all the pets I raised, and especially Hero (d0g) and Rocky (cat).

– I  miss the curfew, lol. Yeah, no one was supposed to be out after 7pm. Of course, unless you know someone from the high authorities or if you were a UN staff. It was nice to break the rules and go out with our friends from the UN.

– I miss the smell of the markets. Boy they had a lot of tasty stuff there!

– I miss the wide seashores.

– I miss when our driver used to take me wherever I wanted. Dad’s at work and so is mom; I own the car!

I really miss Liberia and those innocent childhood days. I miss the simple life, the simple options, the simple thoughts, and the simple dreams.


Her friends asked her: “what is it that you love about him? why do you love him? don’t you see his faults?”

She answered: “I’m sure I love him, but why and what I love about him, it’s either I stay silent or talk from now till forever. He has no faults…”

Her friend interrupted: “He’s a human being, he makes mistakes. Don’t say he has no faults.”

She laughed and said: “I’m not saying he’s perfect. To me he has no faults, cause I do understand him well, know how he thinks, why he acts in such a way, and above all, what you call faults in him, they don’t disturb me. I love him because of who he is, not of who people want him to be. I fell for his personality, for his laugh, for his jokes and even the lame ones, for his way of thinking, for the look in his eyes, for the way he tries to make people feel comfortable, for his kindness, for the way he eats, for every thing he is and everything he does. We’ve had so many heart to heart conversations, and I know how he evaluates things, how he plans, what he likes and what he dislikes. I love him for being a mature person, and for the child in him; he just knows the time for each role to be played. When he’s away, I miss him terribly, but everything I see or everything that happens reminds me of him. I would say to myself that if he was with me he would have said this or done this. I can’t eat or drink  his favorite food or drink without him. When I’m with him, I just forget that the world exists. And when I’m not with him I dream of the moment I’ll see him and talk to him. He makes me feel safe, I don’t know why or how, but I just feel safe being next to him; I guess he’s my superhero! I should have kept silent! I warned you girls!”

One of her friends answered: “Well, I just hope that one day you’ll be more than friends and hope you’ll be able to tell him how you feel.”

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Have you ever felt that you need to speak the truth, but something forbids you?
Have you ever felt that you need to stand in front of someone (your beloved, spouse, friend, relative, enemy,…), look him in the eye, and speak out; but you had to wait for a convenient time/situation?
Have you ever been afraid that you might run out of time before you speak the truth? (It reminds me of Ronan Keating’s song “If tomorrow never comes”)
Have you ever waited for someone to speak the truth?
Have you ever waited for the “sweet” truth, but instead you got the “bitter” truth; or vice versa?

Although the truth always keeps us busy, and at the end might give us a smile or a tear, we can’t do without it.

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I wish I were somewhere far away from civilization, people and technology. Somewhere where I could only hear birds sing. A place where trees and soft wind  hold long conversations, and the waterfall speaks out loud to interrupt their conversation.

(enough with wishing and dreaming already, back to work :P)

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At this very moment, I wish I was walking on this road

screaming, shouting, yelling, crying, laughing, talking, or just walking silently. No one around me to ask if I’m ok or not. And to spice up the journey, I would like to add to my wish: light rain.

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