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Posted on: April 11, 2010

Isn’t it weird and irrational that those who make the rules are the first to break them?

Isn’t it weird and irrational that those who criticize others, act even worse than the others?

Isn’t it weird that I permit myself to speak out loud and shout; but if you ever happen to speak out loud, let God have mercy on you for I will lecture you.

“I saw her son yesterday in his car, but he had a girl with him. Shame” But my son is always alone with girls, and dropping them late at night (I don’t comment and say “Shame”). Isn’t it weird?

Isn’t it weird that I allow myself to purchase the newest trends and technologies “I need them”; but why should my neighbor “need” them? He’s worthless and poor.

Isn’t it weird that others should abide by the rules and regulations; but I have the right to break them for my own comfort?

Isn’t it weird that sometimes he shows her that he loves her deeply and at other times he acts as if she doesn’t exist in his life?

Isn’t it weird that those who we care about the most are the ones who care less about us?

Isn’t it weird that with time I grow old, but not mature?

Isn’t it weird that I showed you in every way possible that I care about you and that I love you, but your pride kept you away from noticing?

Isn’t it weird that with time we find out that our best friends are our worst enemies?

Isn’t it weird that I befriend you only when I need a favor from you?

Isn’t it weird that I used a lot of “Isn’t it weird” in my sentences? It’s because it’s weird, really weird and irrational.



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