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No, I don’t watch TV. No, I have very little information about current TV shows. Yes, I spent much of my time surfing internet and social networks. And since am a big fan of  Wael Kfoury’s voice and songs,  yes, I liked his page on Facebook and followed him on Twitter. The mentioned social networks, informed me that he was shooting an episode with Asala Nasri. (oh she hosts a TV show now?? really?? she has a degree in journalism or any related field?? – ok time to search google ==> wikipedia; no mention about her education)

Ok, whatever, let’s watch the episode. Oh, but on what channel and when? From Wael’s Facebook page I was aware that the show is named “Soula”; searched Facebook pages and found her, liked the page and posted on their timeline asking for info about the date and timing of the episode; till now, no answer.  So there was no way to know except for Wael’s page on Facebook.

Then came the day, me on the couch, TV on, waiting for the episode to begin. The show begins with Asala sitting down and talking and talking, all I could hear was “ana…ana…ana” (arabic word for me) so she was talking about herself not introducing her guests. Then came in Wael with music composer Bilal ElZein. She welcomed them and started to chat. And here’s how it went, she asked questions and once the guests start to answer she interrupts to talk again about herself (“ana laman kenet b london” = when i was in London ; “ana kenet 3end el couffeur *not coiffeur* = when i was at the hairdresser ; bla bla bla). Dear Asala, please note that you have to hear what others have to say especially that they are YOUR guests and YOU have asked them a question.

Ok cut the talking and start singing. Finally Wael is singing, am happy. Oh NO!!! Come on!! She holds her microphone and starts singing Please no 😦 .  Now just to prove to you how awesome is Wael’s voice compared to hers, he was holding the mic with a big distance from his mouth, and still his voice was clear whether for high or low musical notes; but for Asala, the mic was very close to her mouth, and her voice really was disturbing.

Now, let’s talk about the band playing the music during the show. I think my little 5 year old sisters play better than them! No, it’s not exaggeration. Wael was asking them to play specific musical notes, they couldn’t. And it was obvious that he was upset, cause his hand was on his face hiding his disappointment.

Another guest on the show was singer Abir Nehme. Wow what a lovely voice!

An hour has passed and there on the screen was “to be continued”! Oh so there’s part two of this “lovely” episode?! Cool.

After one week, it’s time for part two, which was worse than part one. And especially with Asala trying to eat an apple with the mic on. Moreover, Abir was talking about the history of the music for the song “Li Beirut”, Wael asks her to sing it following special musical notes and he asked Asala to join them. Asala answered “I don’t know what you’re talking about, and by the way who sings this song?” Yes, Lady Asala doesn’t know that the awesome Fairuz sings “Li Beirut”!

You know the feeling when you’re watching a football game on TV and you’re so excited you’re about to jump into the TV and kick the ball? I had that same kind of feeling when I was watching the show, but always asking Asala to shut up!



One day at work, I was listening to Bryan Adams’ songs on my mobile and remembered that he came 10 years ago to Lebanon but I didn’t have the chance to attend the concert. So, I looked at my friend and said: “I wish Bryan Adams holds another concert in Lebanon”. After few hours, while checking my Facebook, the first post on my homefeed was “Bryan Adams – One night only in Lebanon” 😀 (Thank you Uncle D for the post) Definitely I clicked “Attending”. Then it was time to spread the news and gather the friends.

Tickets bought; and after a long wait came Dec. 14, 2010 and went to Forum de Beyrouth with two of my favorite people: my fake dad and sousi!

I really didn’t believe my eyes when Bryan stepped on the stage. I got to attend his concert! 😀 Was it a dream? NO! It was real! The guy was right there on stage with his guitar playing all my favorite songs (he didn’t play “When You Love Someone”) But at least I got the chance to see and listen to him playing “Please Forgive Me” live on stage. It is my number one song. Asking someone to forgive you just because you can’t stop loving them and just can’t let go. The lyrics of that song and the music touch my heart. And when it was performed on stage, my heart was…emm…well…let’s say happy.

Other songs that he played: Summer of 69; Run to you; Back to you; Everything I Do; Here I am; You’ve been a Friend to me; I’m Ready; Cuts like a knife; Cloud number 9; Let’s Make a Night to Remember; Heaven; All for Love; etc.

But the best part was when he came back on stage after he said goodnight for the first and second time; but the third time, he was gone for good.

I love his music so much. The way he sings, the way he plays his guitar is AMAZING. I loved every moment of that night 😀

Please Bryan don’t wait for another 10 years to come back! Come back soon.

(the only picture I took as I was too busy enjoying the music)

1 – Fireworks: total waste of money.

What pleasures do fireworks give? The light? Well you can use other lighting systems. The voice? It’s so loud, awful and bothering. You can use drums instead 😀 AT least, drums and lighting systems are re-usable stuff.

Yes, fireworks is the same as putting your money on fire.

2 – Some radio hosts:

The scene: you’re listening to a radio show, and they played your favorite song. You’re happy and enjoying it; but the host decides to sing or comment, and you can no longer hear your song :@.

Really it annoys me so much. Ofcourse, I do have my favorite song on my mobile device, mp4, CD, whatever device; but it gives me great pleasure when I hear it without planning/expecting it.

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