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My dear friend, we’ve enjoyed precious moments together. We had one great friendship that made many envious of it. People always tried to warn me, and I thought they were judging you without really knowing you. Something made you special, something made you stand out of the crowd to be my true special friend. You had a great personality: responsible, funny, wise, loving, caring, spontaneous, crazy, and very crazy. Your priorities were different. Oh, you may be wondering if I mean that you’ve changed. Well, yes, you have. And you’ve changed a lot. Or if you believe that you haven’t changed, then it means one thing: your personality that I loved and cherished was not real. Was it a disguise to win my friendship??? Really am not sure. Were you playing a certain role? Or did you really change? Whatever the case was, I would certainly love to see you back in the personality that best suits you, the one you had when we enjoyed a close friendship.

If you don’t cherish our precious moments, never mind. But I wish you choose the right track for you life. Don’t go running without a clear direction. Really, my dear friend, I would love to see you achieving your goals and succeeding in life. But, again I say, choose the right track.


(Why? part 1)

One of her friends asked her: “so after all these years and all the love you had for him, you simply don’t love him anymore?”

She answered: “Yes.”

They asked: “Why? What happened?”

She answered: “hmm well let’s see. He will always be a special and dear friend, that’s it.”

They interrupted: “You haven’t answered why. Is it that you have finally found out that he is not mature enough? You found out the real him, we’ve been telling you about?”

She answered: “Girls, I haven’t met someone as mature as he is. For all the reasons I have told you before, I still believe he’s an amazing guy. But some of his recent activities, especially online, showed me that he cannot face peer-pressure and that he is a bit of a show-off person. Add to it, am sure someone, and I know who that is, has already told him how I feel about him. If he had shared me the same feelings, it would have been another story. And lately, I have a feeling there is someone he cares for. So, it’s time to move on. That’s it.”

One of her friends, who was very happy, told her: “I should introduce you to my cousin. I am sure you’ll make a great couple.”

She interrupted: “I don’t want to be introduced to anyone, I simply want to taste life without having to care about anyone except for me, my family, and my dear friends. I want to taste life without having to think about anyone or miss anyone.”

They asked: “You miss him?”

She replied: “The weather is lovely today.”

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It all started the moment the doctor told my mom that she’s bearing triplets. Yes triplets! And they are the 3Js: Joyce, Joelle and Julie. So how has the last 4 years of our lives been since my sisters saw the light? Allow me to explain.

It’s amazing how one moment changes your whole life, your goals, and your plans. Even before welcoming the girls we had to go through a lot of changes; after all, their coming was not planned nor expected, it was the most beautiful gift we’ve received, and this gift needs to be taken care of. I had to quit university, and take care of mom especially when she was hospitalized for one month before giving birth. Then came the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the moment when the doctor said “the mom and kids are good and healthy, mabrouk!”

Talk about sleepless nights since then; yes, sometimes 48hrs pass and we don’t get one hour sleep. Oh caffeine, thank you so much for doing your job back then! Coffee, tea, chocolate, coke, was what we mostly consumed. Let’s do some math here: 3 babies, you have to feed each one every 3hrs, and change diapers, plus laundry, sterilizing milk bottles etc. Full-time job! That’s how we spent the first six months.

If you think with time when they grow up things get easier, you’re mistaken. Each phase has it’s own troubles and blessings. No more sleepless nights, thank God; but you have to train them to eat by spoon, train them to walk, potty training, sleepless nights hit back when they’re sick. We were always (and still are) on the watch so they don’t fall, or chew on hazardous stuff, you name it. And with all our efforts to stay cautious they locked themselves in the bathroom, they fell off the bed, they locked mom outside of the house, they broke the table’s glass in the living room, etc. That’s why we’ve done some “re-decoration” to our house: the living room is a playground, the kitchen is messed up, the bedrooms are crowded, and the walls are filled with my sisters’ drawings.

But all those troubles fade away by a single hug or kiss from my 3Js. Or when I’m at work and they call me to tell me “I love you”, my day moves smoother.

Life when there’s kids around is a whole different world. You work more to improve your personality. You need to be strong, cause they count on you. You need to be patient, cause they need to grow up and learn new stuff. You need to be a good teacher, cause you never know when they ask you something. You need to speak the truth, you can’t lie to a kid. All in all, you must set a good example, cause you are their role model, and they look up to no one but you.

Every day holds a new adventure with my sisters. Every day holds a new experience. Is it worth it? TOTALLY!


Posted on: January 1, 2011

The most powerful four-lettered word. It either caused wars (did you watch Troy?) or truces. It gave us life. It was born with us. We live to love and to be loved. We spent a life-time chasing it among family, friends, and in our search for the one.

It is the one word that holds a meaning to every single second of our lives.

That’s why in our quest and fight for love, we face the following:

  • When love is not returned: it has to be the first on the list, because we all went or are going through it. It hurts the most, and leaves behind the worst wounds. And it gets worse when you can’t let go. The victim is the one who loves.
  • When it becomes an obsession: the victim is the beloved.
  • When it is returned: the most wonderful, but rare situation.

I’ll leave you with some quotes that explain more:

  • “True love is when your heart and your mind are saying the same thing.” – Leanna L. Bartram
  • “Love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever.” – Unknown
  • “Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart, or burn down your house, you can never tell.” – Unknown
  • “Love is like quicksand– the deeper you fall in, the harder it is to get out.” – Unknown
  • “The eyes those silent tongues of love.” – Miguel de Cervantes
  • “Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused.” – Paulo Coelho

I guess it’s enough for now.

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    One day at work, I was listening to Bryan Adams’ songs on my mobile and remembered that he came 10 years ago to Lebanon but I didn’t have the chance to attend the concert. So, I looked at my friend and said: “I wish Bryan Adams holds another concert in Lebanon”. After few hours, while checking my Facebook, the first post on my homefeed was “Bryan Adams – One night only in Lebanon” 😀 (Thank you Uncle D for the post) Definitely I clicked “Attending”. Then it was time to spread the news and gather the friends.

    Tickets bought; and after a long wait came Dec. 14, 2010 and went to Forum de Beyrouth with two of my favorite people: my fake dad and sousi!

    I really didn’t believe my eyes when Bryan stepped on the stage. I got to attend his concert! 😀 Was it a dream? NO! It was real! The guy was right there on stage with his guitar playing all my favorite songs (he didn’t play “When You Love Someone”) But at least I got the chance to see and listen to him playing “Please Forgive Me” live on stage. It is my number one song. Asking someone to forgive you just because you can’t stop loving them and just can’t let go. The lyrics of that song and the music touch my heart. And when it was performed on stage, my heart was…emm…well…let’s say happy.

    Other songs that he played: Summer of 69; Run to you; Back to you; Everything I Do; Here I am; You’ve been a Friend to me; I’m Ready; Cuts like a knife; Cloud number 9; Let’s Make a Night to Remember; Heaven; All for Love; etc.

    But the best part was when he came back on stage after he said goodnight for the first and second time; but the third time, he was gone for good.

    I love his music so much. The way he sings, the way he plays his guitar is AMAZING. I loved every moment of that night 😀

    Please Bryan don’t wait for another 10 years to come back! Come back soon.

    (the only picture I took as I was too busy enjoying the music)

    Her friends asked her: “what is it that you love about him? why do you love him? don’t you see his faults?”

    She answered: “I’m sure I love him, but why and what I love about him, it’s either I stay silent or talk from now till forever. He has no faults…”

    Her friend interrupted: “He’s a human being, he makes mistakes. Don’t say he has no faults.”

    She laughed and said: “I’m not saying he’s perfect. To me he has no faults, cause I do understand him well, know how he thinks, why he acts in such a way, and above all, what you call faults in him, they don’t disturb me. I love him because of who he is, not of who people want him to be. I fell for his personality, for his laugh, for his jokes and even the lame ones, for his way of thinking, for the look in his eyes, for the way he tries to make people feel comfortable, for his kindness, for the way he eats, for every thing he is and everything he does. We’ve had so many heart to heart conversations, and I know how he evaluates things, how he plans, what he likes and what he dislikes. I love him for being a mature person, and for the child in him; he just knows the time for each role to be played. When he’s away, I miss him terribly, but everything I see or everything that happens reminds me of him. I would say to myself that if he was with me he would have said this or done this. I can’t eat or drink  his favorite food or drink without him. When I’m with him, I just forget that the world exists. And when I’m not with him I dream of the moment I’ll see him and talk to him. He makes me feel safe, I don’t know why or how, but I just feel safe being next to him; I guess he’s my superhero! I should have kept silent! I warned you girls!”

    One of her friends answered: “Well, I just hope that one day you’ll be more than friends and hope you’ll be able to tell him how you feel.”

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    Have you ever felt that you need to speak the truth, but something forbids you?
    Have you ever felt that you need to stand in front of someone (your beloved, spouse, friend, relative, enemy,…), look him in the eye, and speak out; but you had to wait for a convenient time/situation?
    Have you ever been afraid that you might run out of time before you speak the truth? (It reminds me of Ronan Keating’s song “If tomorrow never comes”)
    Have you ever waited for someone to speak the truth?
    Have you ever waited for the “sweet” truth, but instead you got the “bitter” truth; or vice versa?

    Although the truth always keeps us busy, and at the end might give us a smile or a tear, we can’t do without it.

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