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I’m asking you my readers a question, and would like you all to share the answer in the comments field:

How far would you go to get what you want?

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1 – Fireworks: total waste of money.

What pleasures do fireworks give? The light? Well you can use other lighting systems. The voice? It’s so loud, awful and bothering. You can use drums instead 😀 AT least, drums and lighting systems are re-usable stuff.

Yes, fireworks is the same as putting your money on fire.

2 – Some radio hosts:

The scene: you’re listening to a radio show, and they played your favorite song. You’re happy and enjoying it; but the host decides to sing or comment, and you can no longer hear your song :@.

Really it annoys me so much. Ofcourse, I do have my favorite song on my mobile device, mp4, CD, whatever device; but it gives me great pleasure when I hear it without planning/expecting it.

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Have you ever felt that you need to speak the truth, but something forbids you?
Have you ever felt that you need to stand in front of someone (your beloved, spouse, friend, relative, enemy,…), look him in the eye, and speak out; but you had to wait for a convenient time/situation?
Have you ever been afraid that you might run out of time before you speak the truth? (It reminds me of Ronan Keating’s song “If tomorrow never comes”)
Have you ever waited for someone to speak the truth?
Have you ever waited for the “sweet” truth, but instead you got the “bitter” truth; or vice versa?

Although the truth always keeps us busy, and at the end might give us a smile or a tear, we can’t do without it.

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So, you wake up and the first thing you hear about in the morning news “a road accident that killed and injured”. You feel hurt. You think about their parents and loved ones’ reactions. NO YOU HAVEN’T. Because if you had, we don’t have to hear about the road accident that you were involved in the next morning.

Wake up people!!! What is it that you haven’t learned yet from other experiences? What is it that you fail to understand? Is it really hard to understand that high-speed can get you killed? No, it isn’t. The concept is so clear, and I’m sure you have seen examples. Is it hard to understand why you’re not supposed to drive when you’re drunk? Absolutely not. You definitely heard about someone who was badly injured or dead in an accident because the driver was drunk.

What is it that you’re trying to prove when breaking the laws? You’re “the man”? You’re “cool”? “el jagal”? “king of the roads”? I’m sure you’ll prove them when you’re lying in the hospital’s bed or in your grave.

Seriously people: wake up!!! Why turn your fun and moments of joy to sad ones? Enjoy, have fun, don’t kill yourself, don’t kill others, and don’t be the cause of your loved ones’ sorrow.

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Brad Pitt: he was born as “William Bradley Pitt” . His father owned a truck company. Brad was majoring in journalism; but two weeks before earning his degree, he decided to hit Los Angeles to study acting.

Angelina Jolie: When she was 14 she decided to drop acting lessons and wanted to become a funeral director. When she was 16 she went back to acting. (what a change!)

Johnny Depp: apart from being an actor and a musician, he’s also a winemaker and c0-owned a restaurant in France.

Rebecca Gayheart: (Eric Dane’s wife) killed a boy. She hit a nine year old boy with her car.  The cars infront of Rebecca stopped to permit the boy to cross the street. But she manuevered her car to pass them and hit the boy.

Leonardo DiCaprio: was named Leonardo because his mom was looking at Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting in a museum when he first kicked.

Whoopi Goldberg: her real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson

(I read about the above while searching for something on Wikipedia)


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