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One day at work, I was listening to Bryan Adams’ songs on my mobile and remembered that he came 10 years ago to Lebanon but I didn’t have the chance to attend the concert. So, I looked at my friend and said: “I wish Bryan Adams holds another concert in Lebanon”. After few hours, while checking my Facebook, the first post on my homefeed was “Bryan Adams – One night only in Lebanon” 😀 (Thank you Uncle D for the post) Definitely I clicked “Attending”. Then it was time to spread the news and gather the friends.

Tickets bought; and after a long wait came Dec. 14, 2010 and went to Forum de Beyrouth with two of my favorite people: my fake dad and sousi!

I really didn’t believe my eyes when Bryan stepped on the stage. I got to attend his concert! 😀 Was it a dream? NO! It was real! The guy was right there on stage with his guitar playing all my favorite songs (he didn’t play “When You Love Someone”) But at least I got the chance to see and listen to him playing “Please Forgive Me” live on stage. It is my number one song. Asking someone to forgive you just because you can’t stop loving them and just can’t let go. The lyrics of that song and the music touch my heart. And when it was performed on stage, my heart was…emm…well…let’s say happy.

Other songs that he played: Summer of 69; Run to you; Back to you; Everything I Do; Here I am; You’ve been a Friend to me; I’m Ready; Cuts like a knife; Cloud number 9; Let’s Make a Night to Remember; Heaven; All for Love; etc.

But the best part was when he came back on stage after he said goodnight for the first and second time; but the third time, he was gone for good.

I love his music so much. The way he sings, the way he plays his guitar is AMAZING. I loved every moment of that night 😀

Please Bryan don’t wait for another 10 years to come back! Come back soon.

(the only picture I took as I was too busy enjoying the music)


On the west coast of Africa, lies this beautiful country: Liberia, my place of birth. I spent the first eleven years of my life there; used to visit Lebanon every now and then.

– I miss when the telephone bill was only $10 per month no matter how often we used it.

– I miss the big mango tree, which I used to, literally, lie and on the ground and grab the fruit.

– I miss all the pets I raised, and especially Hero (d0g) and Rocky (cat).

– I  miss the curfew, lol. Yeah, no one was supposed to be out after 7pm. Of course, unless you know someone from the high authorities or if you were a UN staff. It was nice to break the rules and go out with our friends from the UN.

– I miss the smell of the markets. Boy they had a lot of tasty stuff there!

– I miss the wide seashores.

– I miss when our driver used to take me wherever I wanted. Dad’s at work and so is mom; I own the car!

I really miss Liberia and those innocent childhood days. I miss the simple life, the simple options, the simple thoughts, and the simple dreams.

1 – Fireworks: total waste of money.

What pleasures do fireworks give? The light? Well you can use other lighting systems. The voice? It’s so loud, awful and bothering. You can use drums instead 😀 AT least, drums and lighting systems are re-usable stuff.

Yes, fireworks is the same as putting your money on fire.

2 – Some radio hosts:

The scene: you’re listening to a radio show, and they played your favorite song. You’re happy and enjoying it; but the host decides to sing or comment, and you can no longer hear your song :@.

Really it annoys me so much. Ofcourse, I do have my favorite song on my mobile device, mp4, CD, whatever device; but it gives me great pleasure when I hear it without planning/expecting it.

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I’ve had enough, and more than enough problems to solve. But why don’t they leave me alone? Why do I have to solve the same problems over and over again? Why some of them never seem to go away? Why do they multiply? I mean, when I thought I found a solution, the problem, all of a sudden, seemed bigger. That makes me doubt my plan and my goal, and I start to question myself “Where did I go wrong? Am I aiming for something wrong? Have I drawn the wrong plan?” But so far, I haven’t found any reasonable answer to my questions, because I’m still fighting and trying to solve the same issues. Not sure what to do. Shall I give up? Shall I have a new goal? Shall I have a new plan? I don’t know. I actually worked on different plans, and none worked. You know what worked? Giving up. Yes. Weird, isn’t it? Well, I had few things I wanted to accomplish or have in my life; but just when I convinced myself (after so many trials to achieve them) that I won’t have those, my wishes were granted in the simplest ways ever. So, now, a couple of things are bugging me, and I’m almost in plan Z, shall I give up and wait for a miracle? I have no idea what to do. Tired, lost and confused.

When I first learned about Facebook, I said to myself  “I’ll never open a Facebook account, never.” At that time, I met my cousin who I haven’t seen or heard from in years. (Let’s call him W). We exchanged our contact information and used to chat on MSN a lot to talk about all that went through those years. Until one day he said

“Why don’t you create yourself a Facebook account?”

“Why should I?” was my reply

“We’ll have so much fun.”

“Look, if you need me, call me. And we always chat on MSN, why Facebook?”

W kept nagging that I should have a FB account. A friend of mine also explained to me how FB works and the fact that I can find old friends.

“Find old friends?” I said to myself. “That seems nice. Worst case scenario, if I don’t like FB, I’ll delete my account”

So, I signed up on FB and became friends with W, my friend and many many others. It was kind of fun at the beginning. I was able to contact people (old friends, relatives, classmates, etc) I haven’t seen in ages. But that’s the only advantage I found through FB. And to be honest, me and my cousin used only MSN to talk, and rarely had conversations on FB.

Few months later, I was paying a friend of mine and her husband (I call them my sister and brother-in-law) a visit. Chatting about some stuff and websites, my brother-in-law mentioned Twitter. (I remember it was August 2008). He encouraged me to sign up, and I did. But it was so boring, until lately, Twitter gained more popularity. More of my friends signed up on Twitter, and I also met new people. Twitter was helpful in so many ways: introducing new websites, ideas, bloggers, news, information, etc.

The question that crosses my mind is: What’s after Twitter?


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