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My dear friend, we’ve enjoyed precious moments together. We had one great friendship that made many envious of it. People always tried to warn me, and I thought they were judging you without really knowing you. Something made you special, something made you stand out of the crowd to be my true special friend. You had a great personality: responsible, funny, wise, loving, caring, spontaneous, crazy, and very crazy. Your priorities were different. Oh, you may be wondering if I mean that you’ve changed. Well, yes, you have. And you’ve changed a lot. Or if you believe that you haven’t changed, then it means one thing: your personality that I loved and cherished was not real. Was it a disguise to win my friendship??? Really am not sure. Were you playing a certain role? Or did you really change? Whatever the case was, I would certainly love to see you back in the personality that best suits you, the one you had when we enjoyed a close friendship.

If you don’t cherish our precious moments, never mind. But I wish you choose the right track for you life. Don’t go running without a clear direction. Really, my dear friend, I would love to see you achieving your goals and succeeding in life. But, again I say, choose the right track.


I’ve had enough, and more than enough problems to solve. But why don’t they leave me alone? Why do I have to solve the same problems over and over again? Why some of them never seem to go away? Why do they multiply? I mean, when I thought I found a solution, the problem, all of a sudden, seemed bigger. That makes me doubt my plan and my goal, and I start to question myself “Where did I go wrong? Am I aiming for something wrong? Have I drawn the wrong plan?” But so far, I haven’t found any reasonable answer to my questions, because I’m still fighting and trying to solve the same issues. Not sure what to do. Shall I give up? Shall I have a new goal? Shall I have a new plan? I don’t know. I actually worked on different plans, and none worked. You know what worked? Giving up. Yes. Weird, isn’t it? Well, I had few things I wanted to accomplish or have in my life; but just when I convinced myself (after so many trials to achieve them) that I won’t have those, my wishes were granted in the simplest ways ever. So, now, a couple of things are bugging me, and I’m almost in plan Z, shall I give up and wait for a miracle? I have no idea what to do. Tired, lost and confused.

You have to make a decision concerning a certain subject. You thought about everything, evaluated your choices and made up your mind. The result? You’re either happy and satisfied, or made the wrong decision and paying  a high price for that.

But let’s say you made the right decision, and you’re 100% sure that it’s the right thing to do. Your hard work is paying off; and you start cultivating the fruits of your choice. You’re happy and working hard to stay on the same track and make things better by the minute. You seem to be very close to fulfilling your dreams, when suddenly and unexpectedly you find yourself back on level zero. Level zero means: weigh your options and evaluate them. You’re back to decision-making just when you thought you’re done with that.

C’est la vie, I guess.


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