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Wasseem meets Omar at the gym “You won’t believe what I’m about to tell you. Do you remember what happened when I sold my phone number? I called the number and a nice girl answered. The girl whose voice I liked so much?”

“You met her?”

“Yes. No. Yes. I’m not sure if Reem is her”

“Reem? Your partner? Explain. I’m lost.”

“Yes, Reem my partner. I was writing her phone number on my cell phone and it happened to be my old number. I was in shock. Didn’t know what to ask her. It could be her. Or maybe the girl that answered me, sold the number and Reem bought it.”

“It could be the same girl, it could be two different girls. What’s with you and voices?”


“The girl you called, you fell in love with her voice. When your manager introduced Reem you liked her voice. Remember when you said : ‘She knocked on the door and said good morning, I had to turn to see if she’s good-looking as her voice is, and there in front of me was a lovely nice lady. Remember?”

“Reem really has a tender soft voice. Anyway what shall I do now?”

“Grow up.”

“Excuse me?”

“My friend you need to grow up and stop thinking about such stupid little things. I know you won’t ask Reem since when she owns this number, or if she got any mysterious calls from a guy claiming to be the owner of it. It could be a coincidence, and it could be her. Just stop thinking about the matter. Enjoy your partnership and friendship with Reem. Enjoy your job. Leave it to time, and time will answer your questions.”

After few moments of silence, Wasseem answered “You’re right. I’m being childish thinking about silly stuff, ain’t I?”

“Yes, you are.”

Wasseem and Reem worked well as a team. Their partnership shifted to friendship, and then they fell in love. One day, at a restaurant, while waiting for a business man to have an interview with, they had a conversation, Reem said “Well first time I met you, I said ‘Please I don’t want another Wasseem’ “.

“Why? How many Wasseems do you know?”

“Let’s say all the Wasseems I know gave me wrong impressions about the name. My brother had a friend named Wasseem, who wasn’t a trustworthy person. My father’s cousin is named Wasseem, and I don’t like him, he thinks he’s funny but he’s not.”

“So I’m different from the other Wasseems?”

“Ofcourse you are. You made me love the name. But I haven’t finished the Wasseem list. Listen to this. The number I own now was for a guy named Wasseem. I kept receiving calls from his friends asking for him. Then one day he called and said that he wanted to make sure if he’s number is in safe hands. And the next day he called claiming to be working for a statistics company. I recognized his voice and asked him to stop calling. Back then I don’t know why, but I wished he’d call for the third time, but he didn’t. Strange story, right?”

Wasseem answered “It is. But I’m happy he didn’t call for the third time.”

At this moment they spotted their guest entering the restaurant. They welcomed him to the table. Reem turned on the recorder, they prepared their papers and started the interview.

When the interview was done, and the man left, they called Omar to meet them for lunch.

Omar came to the restaurant. They ordered lunch.

Reem said “Be right back boys. Must pay the lady’s room a visit.”

Wasseem found it the right time to tell his friend what happened.

Omar was shocked upon hearing that. “Look, Wasseem, hiding the truth is not a lie. No need to tell her that you’re the Wasseem who called her. But if you want to tell her, it’s up to you.”

When Reem came back to the table she sensed that the boys shared a secret at that moment, but she did not ask because she thought it has to do with Omar’s personal life. They had lunch and held normal conversations.

At night, Reem was reviewing the interview, she picked up the recorder from her bag and found it was still on. “It definitely needs a recharge now.” She listened to the interview and corrected her notes. But when the interview finished, “I think the recorder would tell me about that little secret between Wasseem and Omar.”

She left it on, and heard everything. She told her father “Dad, it’s Wasseem’s habit to call after 10 minutes to wish me a goodnight. When he calls, please answer the phone and say ‘Reem is so sick, she’s in bed, she thinks the food you had has made her sick’ ”

The phone rings, Reem’s father asnwers “Hi Wasseem”

“Hello, hope your good. Is Reem in bed? Wanted to wish her a goodnight.”

“Reem is sick, she’s in bed. She believes that the lunch you guys had made her sick.”

“I’ll be right there.”

Wasseem was at their doorstep in less than 15 minutes. Reem’s father opens the doors and Reem is sitting on the couch waiting for him. She has the recorder in her hands, and clicks on play the moment Wasseem steps in.

Wasseem wasn’t prepared for that. ‘I can explain.”

“I know you can. But I don’t want an explanation. I’m not even mad at what happened. I like our story. But I want you to promise me one thing: we keep no secrets from each other. No matter how silly or important it is. We should be honest at all times. We’re still in the beginning, let’s practice honesty.”

“I love you. I promise to tell all my secrets to you. Let’s practice honesty.”

The end!!!


Graduated and with a full-time job, Wasseem is now back to life: back to social life, with a cell phone and a car.

His manager called him to his office and said, “Wasseem, in this file you will find the details of something very important. It is a project that I want you to cover: conferences, events, and parties. Take the rest of the day off. Go home or somewhere silent, and read it carefully. Tomorrow morning I’ll meet you in my office at 10.”

Wasseem couldn’t believe what he was reading. It’s what every journalist dreams of; it’s indeed a great oppurtunity. This project will reveal his capabilities and add the best experience to his career.

He met the manager and they went over the details together. The manager explained to him that the rewards of this project are enormous.

“Wasseem, one more thing, you need a partner to help you in this project.”  He asks his secretary to send him Reem. “I choose your partner. She’s a female. Hope you like her.” (A knock on the door) “Please come in. Wasseem this is Reem. Reem this is Wasseem.”

“Nice to meet you”

Wasseem and Reem had to sit together to plan for their work. Their first work on the list was due in two days. They agreed that he’ll pick her up from her house. He drove to the address she told him about, but when he got there he was a bit lost and he didn’t have her mobile number to call her; he had one choice and it was to blow the car horn. He heard someone shout “Hey, keep silent”. Then out of nowhere came Reem.

“Sorry, I got lost. Where exactly is your house?”

She pointed to her house, “Don’t worry, it’s ok. And this guy is always busy keeping track of what’s going on in the neighbourhood and playing the role of the policeman.”

When he dropped her back to her house he asked her “May I have your mobile number please so I won’t get caught by the policeman?”

“Haha, sure. It’s 03-xyzzyx”

Wasseem couldn’t believe what he was saving on his cell phone, it’s his previously owned number. “Is she the one that I called, and she asked me not to call her again? Or did that lady sell it to Reem?”

“Reem calling Wasseem. Is something wrong? I asked you for your number so when you call I’ll know it’s you.”

“Oh sorry. Here’s my number.”

“Thank you. Are you sure you’re ok.”

“Yeah I am. Will see you tomorrow.”

See you next week!!!

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Omar rushed to get to his friend. After hearing  all the details about what has happened, he asked Wasseem “So, what will you do now?”

“I wish I listened to mom and saved some money. I have to start searching for work, nothing else. I really need to find a part-time job. Since my university fees are covered, don’t have much to worry about. But I do have to ask my parents for pocket-money to go out with my friends!!!” (laughs) “Can you imagine that!!!”

“Hey, it’s not the end of the world. Calm down. It’s just a part-time job. You have expenses, right; but you don’t have responsibilities, be thankful for that. You’ll find something else. It might take time, I know. I am sure your parents won’t leave you alone, neither will I.”

” Hey, hey, where are you going? Drop me home”

“No. We have a project to work on, we need about an hour to finalize it, and then when the boys leave we’ll search online for available job position.”

Wasseem searched and applied to different positions. But it wasn’t an easy task. Months passed and still job-less.  He had to go for a “simple life”. He didn’t go out with his friends so much. Noor was upset at the fact that they don’t get out as often as they did before, and let’s face it, she met someone else, a more handsome and a rich guy with a Ferrari!!! So, Noor wasn’t “the one” for him.

Things were getting worse. His parents are now paying for his phone bills. Well, Wasseem can’t take it anymore, for that he decided to sell his phone number.

After a week phone-less, he really missed his phone ringing, or him calling someone. He thought to himself “who could be the one that bought it? Is he as cool as I am?”

He decided to call out of curiosity. He headed to the phone booth in the university and dialled 03-xyzzyx

“Hello?” replied a nice female voice.

“Hello” Wasseem answered, “Well, umm, I really don’t know what to say. Umm, ok, my name is Wasseem and I used to own this phone number. I ..”

“Oh, you’re the famous Wasseem. I keep getting phone calls asking for Wasseem. What, do you want it back?”

“No, no. I just wanted to make sure it’s in safe hands, now I know it is cause your voice is so friendly.”

She hung up.

“Wow, what a haughty girl”

But Wasseem couldn’t forget her voice. He liked her voice. Next day he decided to call her back.

“Hello, I work for a statistics company. May I ask you few questions?”

“Wasseem stop calling me.”

She hung up again.

“Woow, she recognized my voice and called me by my name. Anyway what was I thinking. Meeting someone on the phone. What a lame idea!! Did I really expect her to have a conversation with me, a total stranger? Hmm, I am really out of my mind.”

And so Wasseem tried to forget it.

Few months before graduation he got the job at the newspaper where he always wished to work. It was a part-time job until he graduates, and then he’ll be a full-time journalist.

See you next week!!!

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“How is my lovely mother doing this morning? Good morning” Wasseem greets his mother, hugs her and kiss her.

“I’m very good cause I have you in my life. Good morning baby. Tell me, did you enjoy last night’s party with your friends?

“Wow, we had lots of fun.” (he sings: we had joy we had fun, we had seasons in the sun) “except that it was night-time, so there was no sun, mom. Mom, I need to ask you something, why do I love you so much? Is there a reason why?”

“Ok what do you want? I told you before don’t go beating around the bush, just tell me what do you want.”

“I need nothing; I’m just telling you that I love you.”

“You need money. You spent all of your salary. How..”

Wasseem interrupts, “Mom, today is March 31, today I’ll get my salary. So, no, I don’t need money.”

“Good for you. Speaking about money..”

“Here we go again.”

“Seriously, baby, you should stop wasting your money.”

“Going out with my girlfriend and friends, and enjoying life is not wasting money.”

“Are you still dating Noor?”


“I’m impressed. You’ve been together for some time now. That doesn’t sound like you.”

“Well, she’s special.”

“Is she the one?”

“Ah, too early to know. But she’s special, and I kind of like her.” His phone rings. “That’s Omar, he’s here.” Hugs his mother again, “should go now. Another hectic day. Straight to university, then at one I have to go to work. Bye. Love you. Don’t wait for me for dinner. Might work on a project tonight with the boys. Will call you.”

“Say hi to Noor and Omar. Bye, take care.”

With that, Wasseem started his day. Off to university to attend his classes, and then, to work. Noor was waiting for him in the class. They attended all classes together.

As a journalist student, he had a part-time job with a local teen magazine. He was hoping that as soon as he graduates he’ll find a full-time work.

After classes, he went to his work without any delay. Afterall, it was the end of the month.

“Wasseem”, his manager called him, “I need you in my office now.”

Wasseem entered the manager’s office. “Wasseem”, the manager started the conversation, “this is your salary. We are going through some changes at our company. We are getting rid of part-time jobs. This means you no longer work for us. Now you have to prepare for me a report on what articles you were working, and I’ll take it from there. It is the new company policy, I’m so sorry. I’m even sorry that I had to jump right away into the subject. It’s not about you, just the company policy.”

Wasseem was in shock and didn’t know what to say. “Thank you,” and left the office. Few hours later he gave the report to the manager and left for good.

Omar called him. “Hey, don’t be late, we need to work on the project. I am home, and the boys are almost here. Do you want me to pick you up?”

“No,” Wasseem replied, “and don’t wait for me. I got fired today, and I don’t want to see anyone, just want to go home.”

“Fired??? What??? Wait for me, 5 minutes and I’ll be there. We need to talk.”

See you next week!!!

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