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My dear friend, we’ve enjoyed precious moments together. We had one great friendship that made many envious of it. People always tried to warn me, and I thought they were judging you without really knowing you. Something made you special, something made you stand out of the crowd to be my true special friend. You had a great personality: responsible, funny, wise, loving, caring, spontaneous, crazy, and very crazy. Your priorities were different. Oh, you may be wondering if I mean that you’ve changed. Well, yes, you have. And you’ve changed a lot. Or if you believe that you haven’t changed, then it means one thing: your personality that I loved and cherished was not real. Was it a disguise to win my friendship??? Really am not sure. Were you playing a certain role? Or did you really change? Whatever the case was, I would certainly love to see you back in the personality that best suits you, the one you had when we enjoyed a close friendship.

If you don’t cherish our precious moments, never mind. But I wish you choose the right track for you life. Don’t go running without a clear direction. Really, my dear friend, I would love to see you achieving your goals and succeeding in life. But, again I say, choose the right track.


Well, no am not a photographer, and not willing to be. But I have a smartphone (yeah still using that N8), and it has a great camera, so why not take photos of nice stuff I come across? Here’s a bunch:







(Why? part 1)

One of her friends asked her: “so after all these years and all the love you had for him, you simply don’t love him anymore?”

She answered: “Yes.”

They asked: “Why? What happened?”

She answered: “hmm well let’s see. He will always be a special and dear friend, that’s it.”

They interrupted: “You haven’t answered why. Is it that you have finally found out that he is not mature enough? You found out the real him, we’ve been telling you about?”

She answered: “Girls, I haven’t met someone as mature as he is. For all the reasons I have told you before, I still believe he’s an amazing guy. But some of his recent activities, especially online, showed me that he cannot face peer-pressure and that he is a bit of a show-off person. Add to it, am sure someone, and I know who that is, has already told him how I feel about him. If he had shared me the same feelings, it would have been another story. And lately, I have a feeling there is someone he cares for. So, it’s time to move on. That’s it.”

One of her friends, who was very happy, told her: “I should introduce you to my cousin. I am sure you’ll make a great couple.”

She interrupted: “I don’t want to be introduced to anyone, I simply want to taste life without having to care about anyone except for me, my family, and my dear friends. I want to taste life without having to think about anyone or miss anyone.”

They asked: “You miss him?”

She replied: “The weather is lovely today.”

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“A friend in need is a friend indeed” We all have that friend in our lives and have played that role as a real good friend to others. Yes, friendship is vital for life. And with such a friend in our lives we are proud to point out and say “that’s my friend that I count on”; even God was proud to reveal to humankind His friend “… Abraham my friend…” Isaiah 41:8

But the real friend is the one that lasts, right? Not the one who just turns around and leaves for the most stupid reasons. And believe me, you never know exactly if your friend is really a friend until you face troubles. Let’s say you had a little misunderstanding, and it felt bad, as if the world ended; but because you have a strong relationship, you were able to solve that little issue. The beautiful thing is that after such an incident your friendship is now stronger than ever before, and yes your world is back to life.

But there’s this type of friendship that’s really confusing. There’s this friend you really really really love, but… Let’s elaborate more on this subject. That person is always ready to help you, would never let you down, always there to cheer you up, shows you how special you are, and you try to do the same in return. That person is the one you care about the most, and one thing you know for sure you never want that person upset or bothered. So far so good? But at times, when you just need to talk to him/her, they are not there. Sorry, allow me to rephrase that last sentence: they are there, they exist, but they ignore you. How do you feel when that happens? You start to question everything, and all those memories you shared. You even blame yourself, and wonder if it’s something you have done that bothered them. Ask them if there’s something wrong? Well you’re somehow sure what their answer will be, and you know it’s not going to solve matters at all. Fight for that friendship, or let time solve it? I absolutely have no idea.

بتعجب من يلي بغيرو لهجتن. يعني بيكون الواحد اصلو من الشمال او الجنوب او البقاع, ومش بس اصلو من هونيك, فينا نقول انو ربيان معظم حياتو بالضيعة. بس لمن نزل علمدينة صار بدو يغير لهجتو, وبدل ميقول “واحِد” صار بدو يقول “واحَد” بس فهموني ليش؟ انو وين الغلط اذا بقيت عطبيعتك وحكيت لهجتك؟ خايف اهل بيروت يتضحكو عليك؟ ويتضحكو، صدقني بيتضحكو مرة مرتين وبعدين بيسكتو. مش احسن من انو يتضحكو عليك لمن تغير لهجتك شي مليون مرة بنفس الحديث لانو عم تحكي مع اصحابك من بيروت وكمان في اهلك عم يشاركوا بالحديث؟ شو؟ وبعدين عفكرة، المظبوط هو “واحِد” اذا بدنا نحكي لغوياً وبالفصحة

كل انسان وعندو لهجتو، فكون عطبيعتك الله يرضى عليك وما تغير. لانو بس تغير مش رح تكون مرتاح بحديثك ولا رح تقنعنا بلهجتك المزيفة. وكمان كل ضيعة في عندا لهجتها الخاصة وما حدا عاجبوا حدا، فليش بدك تحكي بس متل اهل بيروت؟


Posted on: January 1, 2011

The most powerful four-lettered word. It either caused wars (did you watch Troy?) or truces. It gave us life. It was born with us. We live to love and to be loved. We spent a life-time chasing it among family, friends, and in our search for the one.

It is the one word that holds a meaning to every single second of our lives.

That’s why in our quest and fight for love, we face the following:

  • When love is not returned: it has to be the first on the list, because we all went or are going through it. It hurts the most, and leaves behind the worst wounds. And it gets worse when you can’t let go. The victim is the one who loves.
  • When it becomes an obsession: the victim is the beloved.
  • When it is returned: the most wonderful, but rare situation.

I’ll leave you with some quotes that explain more:

  • “True love is when your heart and your mind are saying the same thing.” – Leanna L. Bartram
  • “Love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever.” – Unknown
  • “Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart, or burn down your house, you can never tell.” – Unknown
  • “Love is like quicksand– the deeper you fall in, the harder it is to get out.” – Unknown
  • “The eyes those silent tongues of love.” – Miguel de Cervantes
  • “Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused.” – Paulo Coelho

I guess it’s enough for now.

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    I’m asking you my readers a question, and would like you all to share the answer in the comments field:

    How far would you go to get what you want?

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