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Triple Trouble; Triple Blessing

Posted on: July 20, 2011

It all started the moment the doctor told my mom that she’s bearing triplets. Yes triplets! And they are the 3Js: Joyce, Joelle and Julie. So how has the last 4 years of our lives been since my sisters saw the light? Allow me to explain.

It’s amazing how one moment changes your whole life, your goals, and your plans. Even before welcoming the girls we had to go through a lot of changes; after all, their coming was not planned nor expected, it was the most beautiful gift we’ve received, and this gift needs to be taken care of. I had to quit university, and take care of mom especially when she was hospitalized for one month before giving birth. Then came the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the moment when the doctor said “the mom and kids are good and healthy, mabrouk!”

Talk about sleepless nights since then; yes, sometimes 48hrs pass and we don’t get one hour sleep. Oh caffeine, thank you so much for doing your job back then! Coffee, tea, chocolate, coke, was what we mostly consumed. Let’s do some math here: 3 babies, you have to feed each one every 3hrs, and change diapers, plus laundry, sterilizing milk bottles etc. Full-time job! That’s how we spent the first six months.

If you think with time when they grow up things get easier, you’re mistaken. Each phase has it’s own troubles and blessings. No more sleepless nights, thank God; but you have to train them to eat by spoon, train them to walk, potty training, sleepless nights hit back when they’re sick. We were always (and still are) on the watch so they don’t fall, or chew on hazardous stuff, you name it. And with all our efforts to stay cautious they locked themselves in the bathroom, they fell off the bed, they locked mom outside of the house, they broke the table’s glass in the living room, etc. That’s why we’ve done some “re-decoration” to our house: the living room is a playground, the kitchen is messed up, the bedrooms are crowded, and the walls are filled with my sisters’ drawings.

But all those troubles fade away by a single hug or kiss from my 3Js. Or when I’m at work and they call me to tell me “I love you”, my day moves smoother.

Life when there’s kids around is a whole different world. You work more to improve your personality. You need to be strong, cause they count on you. You need to be patient, cause they need to grow up and learn new stuff. You need to be a good teacher, cause you never know when they ask you something. You need to speak the truth, you can’t lie to a kid. All in all, you must set a good example, cause you are their role model, and they look up to no one but you.

Every day holds a new adventure with my sisters. Every day holds a new experience. Is it worth it? TOTALLY!


10 Responses to "Triple Trouble; Triple Blessing"

How cuuuuuuuuute but i can imagine how hard it is to manage three little angels.

GOD bless them all !

Thank you! It’s hard but very rewarding 😀

woowww dodo beautifully written, though you quite university however your english major has payed off, it shows how much you are skilled :). And Bless you and your family, you are all doing an excellent job we are all witnesses of that, and the 3J’s are wonderful as always :). Love you

Steph! You know I love you “so muchy so muchy” (K)

OMG i almost cried it is sooooo touchy :’) it’s true that u have alot of sleepless night’s and that u had to quit uni but if u ever think back and say i shoukdent have done this just remember what i have to say 2 u life is but an empty book given to every single human on this earth the choices we make the moves we make every littledetail is written in this empty book and it;s true that some times u may think i wish i never WROTE that when ur not satisfied with the behaviour of ur 3 monckeys 😛 but think life with out them and im positive that u wont want to erase anyhing that u wrote in the past like jesus said always look on the possitive side of things if some1 gives a half empty glass of water only focus on the half full part have fun training ur monckeys and bye

My little bro! (K) You’re right I would never ever want to erase anything from my book of life. It was my wish to have siblings, and I know, actually no, I am sure that my 3Js are the answer to my wish :D:D:D

ana akide 2enik good example w best sister alla ykhalikon lba3ed 😀

wykhalilna yeki sousi mwah

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