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The Nokia N8

Posted on: March 14, 2011

You may have read my older post “I’m in love with the Nokia N8” . Well, yes it’s a story of love at first sight. I was following the N8’s news even before it was launched.

But, one day on Twitter, I read that Gigalb are running a contest and one of the two prizes is the Nokia N8!!! To enter the contest, I had to:

  1. “Like” their Facebook page (  here ).
  2. After “liking” their Facebook Page, the second step was to leave a comment stating why I want to win the phone. And get people to like my comment (for every 10 likes, I get a ticket for the draw and increase the chance of winning)
  3. On Twitter I had to tweet the following message – RT @GIGAlb: I’m entering to win a Nokia C7 or N8. Just do the same!

Those steps were easy except for the part to get my friends to like my comment. To do that, I spammed my friends! I posted daily the link on FB and asked them to like my comment. Total likes was 34. I thought I’d never win, especially that one of the contestants had more than 110 likes.

Results day:

I logged in to Facebook and Twitter, and waited for the results. Then came this

“Her”??? Is there a chance for me to win? I replied:

After two minutes

I read the name over and over again to make sure it’s me 😛 and yay it was me 😀

After few days, I got my N8 (thank you @CAbN)

Now after using the N8 for almost 2 weeks, here’s what I think: AMAZING! The all-in-one device.

(I would be brief about it, since there are many articles and reviews like this)

– Camera (for images and videos): very clear, perfect quality. And here’s an example

– Battery life: perfect, especially for someone like me who’s music player or radio is on all the time, Tweeting, taking pictures, playing games

– Multitasking: Yes! You can use as many applications as you can. And with Opera Mobile, internet browsing is wonderful.

– Music: sound is loud and nice 🙂 yes you can really enjoy music with this device

If you want to get yourself a mobile phone, I highly recommend the N8.


5 Responses to "The Nokia N8"

Hi Dodo, I was reading some of your blogs and I really felt I connected with most of what you were saying. I liked your quotes on love very much.
I too have used the Nokia N95 and felt it was the best phone I ever had, so comfortable in the hand – it was really perfect. I still have it but now have the new Nokia N8 in silver another incredible device. I too enjoyed the music of Bryan Adams, just returned from his home town last week by the way!
Keep up the good stuff, Dwayne

hey, thank you Dwayne 🙂

Congrats once again 🙂

Thanks a lot Chantal 😀

[…] no am not a photographer, and not willing to be. But I have a smartphone (yeah still using that N8), and it has a great came, so why not take photos of nice stuff I come across? Here’s a […]

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