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Bryan Adams in Lebanon

Posted on: December 15, 2010

One day at work, I was listening to Bryan Adams’ songs on my mobile and remembered that he came 10 years ago to Lebanon but I didn’t have the chance to attend the concert. So, I looked at my friend and said: “I wish Bryan Adams holds another concert in Lebanon”. After few hours, while checking my Facebook, the first post on my homefeed was “Bryan Adams – One night only in Lebanon” 😀 (Thank you Uncle D for the post) Definitely I clicked “Attending”. Then it was time to spread the news and gather the friends.

Tickets bought; and after a long wait came Dec. 14, 2010 and went to Forum de Beyrouth with two of my favorite people: my fake dad and sousi!

I really didn’t believe my eyes when Bryan stepped on the stage. I got to attend his concert! 😀 Was it a dream? NO! It was real! The guy was right there on stage with his guitar playing all my favorite songs (he didn’t play “When You Love Someone”) But at least I got the chance to see and listen to him playing “Please Forgive Me” live on stage. It is my number one song. Asking someone to forgive you just because you can’t stop loving them and just can’t let go. The lyrics of that song and the music touch my heart. And when it was performed on stage, my heart was…emm…well…let’s say happy.

Other songs that he played: Summer of 69; Run to you; Back to you; Everything I Do; Here I am; You’ve been a Friend to me; I’m Ready; Cuts like a knife; Cloud number 9; Let’s Make a Night to Remember; Heaven; All for Love; etc.

But the best part was when he came back on stage after he said goodnight for the first and second time; but the third time, he was gone for good.

I love his music so much. The way he sings, the way he plays his guitar is AMAZING. I loved every moment of that night 😀

Please Bryan don’t wait for another 10 years to come back! Come back soon.

(the only picture I took as I was too busy enjoying the music)


4 Responses to "Bryan Adams in Lebanon"

yeahhhhh weddoooooo it was a wonderfullll night and he’s realy an amaziiiiiing singer i love him and i hope too if come back soon
soussi 😀

I’m glad you enjoyed it. But I believe your heart was more than “happy” when he played “Please forgive me”.

“Please forgive me” Dodo!

It was indeed a great night! I mean going again after 10 years, I thought it’ll be an “average” concert, but he simply “ROCKED”… it was awesome! Fake dad thanks you for convincing him to go Weddo 🙂

I wish I can go back in time to that night “fake dad” :D. I loved every moment! yup Bryan Adams Rocks!

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