Dodo Says

I miss Liberia.

Posted on: November 26, 2010

On the west coast of Africa, lies this beautiful country: Liberia, my place of birth. I spent the first eleven years of my life there; used to visit Lebanon every now and then.

– I miss when the telephone bill was only $10 per month no matter how often we used it.

– I miss the big mango tree, which I used to, literally, lie and on the ground and grab the fruit.

– I miss all the pets I raised, and especially Hero (d0g) and Rocky (cat).

– I  miss the curfew, lol. Yeah, no one was supposed to be out after 7pm. Of course, unless you know someone from the high authorities or if you were a UN staff. It was nice to break the rules and go out with our friends from the UN.

– I miss the smell of the markets. Boy they had a lot of tasty stuff there!

– I miss the wide seashores.

– I miss when our driver used to take me wherever I wanted. Dad’s at work and so is mom; I own the car!

I really miss Liberia and those innocent childhood days. I miss the simple life, the simple options, the simple thoughts, and the simple dreams.


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