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On the west coast of Africa, lies this beautiful country: Liberia, my place of birth. I spent the first eleven years of my life there; used to visit Lebanon every now and then.

– I miss when the telephone bill was only $10 per month no matter how often we used it.

– I miss the big mango tree, which I used to, literally, lie and on the ground and grab the fruit.

– I miss all the pets I raised, and especially Hero (d0g) and Rocky (cat).

– I  miss the curfew, lol. Yeah, no one was supposed to be out after 7pm. Of course, unless you know someone from the high authorities or if you were a UN staff. It was nice to break the rules and go out with our friends from the UN.

– I miss the smell of the markets. Boy they had a lot of tasty stuff there!

– I miss the wide seashores.

– I miss when our driver used to take me wherever I wanted. Dad’s at work and so is mom; I own the car!

I really miss Liberia and those innocent childhood days. I miss the simple life, the simple options, the simple thoughts, and the simple dreams.


I have a big love for clouds. They just make my day! I chase them wherever I go, and try to find the story that every one of them holds.

Here’s some shots I’ve taken

On the way to Rahbe!

On the way to Rahbe!

On the way to Rahbe!

On the way to Rahbe!

Dbayhe highway



November 2010
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