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I hate…

Posted on: October 11, 2010

1 – Fireworks: total waste of money.

What pleasures do fireworks give? The light? Well you can use other lighting systems. The voice? It’s so loud, awful and bothering. You can use drums instead 😀 AT least, drums and lighting systems are re-usable stuff.

Yes, fireworks is the same as putting your money on fire.

2 – Some radio hosts:

The scene: you’re listening to a radio show, and they played your favorite song. You’re happy and enjoying it; but the host decides to sing or comment, and you can no longer hear your song :@.

Really it annoys me so much. Ofcourse, I do have my favorite song on my mobile device, mp4, CD, whatever device; but it gives me great pleasure when I hear it without planning/expecting it.

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4 Responses to "I hate…"

Hahahah. OMG! that is so true. =D the whole Radio jockey talking over the song. It’s so annoying.

since you are including a photo that you didn’t take, the least you could do is mention the credits and where you got it from.

yes ur right Hala. I think linking the source didn’t work. Thnx for paying attention. I deleted the photo. 🙂

Dodo….. I love fireworks and we waste our money in many things not important not only fireworks hehe but sometimes we need to spend money on things funny and not important only to enjoy hehe

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