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Aren’t those part of entertainment? Supposedly, yes they are.

Thus, when I want to entertain myself and waste an hour or so to watch something, it better be good and makes me laugh NOT, and I repeat NOT cry.

On a regular day, a human being faces enough stress, madness and craziness. For that, “entertainment time” should be really entertaining.

#justsaying ūüėõ

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Bryan Adams “Please Forgive me”

Shania Twain “From this moment on”

Shania Twain “You’re still the one”

Warda “batwaness beek”

Fairuz “bektoub esmak”

Fairuz “alamouni hobak”

Hope you enjoy listening to these. More to come soon.


Last night was one of those rare times that I watch the 8 o’clock news. On LBCI¬†channel, before moving to the commercials, they wrote the headline of the next news “Good news for Jounieh’s highway”. Wow! Finally a solution to all the¬†traffic jams! Let’s do the happy dance!

Done with happy dancing¬†during the commercials, and listened to the news. The¬†good news was: “widening the highway all the way from¬†Zouk¬†Mosbeh¬†to Maameltein¬†(as¬†I remember)”. The plan, as discussed¬†by the ¬†guy in charge, involves moving everything¬†(stores and even bridges) from the¬†way!!! Yeah great plan dude. Why did I do the happy dance?¬†The project starts in 2012 and ends in 2015 (hopefully).¬†This means until the project is complete the situation will be: ŔÖŔąō™ ō£ō≠ŔÖōĪ

I wasted a happy dance ūüė¶

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Have you ever felt that you need to speak the truth, but something forbids you?
Have you ever felt that you need to stand in front of someone (your beloved, spouse, friend, relative, enemy,…), look him in the eye, and speak out; but you had to wait for a convenient time/situation?
Have you ever been afraid that you might run out of time before you speak the truth? (It reminds me of Ronan Keating’s song “If tomorrow never comes”)
Have you ever waited for someone to speak the truth?
Have you ever waited for the “sweet” truth, but instead you got the “bitter” truth; or vice versa?

Although the truth always keeps us busy, and at the end might give us a smile or a tear, we can’t do without it.

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The question I’ve been asking myself¬† lately: where is the electricity when we mostly need it???

In¬† winter time, and during the strong storms, when it’s so cold, the electricity goes off, and the generators are out of operation as well. And, in summer time (like the past few days) when it’s so hot and you can’t breathe, same situation: NO ELECTRICITY.

To make matters worse: both bills will be expensive, extremely expensive, at the end of the month.

As if I needed that electricity problem added to my problem: working in an office that’s nothing but a creepy disgusting old place.¬† I’ve been promised that they will fix it; but who keeps promises these days?



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