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Facebook “Trends”

Posted on: July 27, 2010

1 – Pictures

Why is it that all picture albums of my friends on Facebook have the same title? “summer 2010” or if the person lives abroad and came to Lebanon for vacation, it changes to “summer lebanon 2010”; “christmas 2009” “new year’s eve 2010” “our prom 2010” and the list just goes on. It just disturbs me, feels like the same pictures repeating themselves. They don’t attract me to check them and comment.

2 – “Like, Share & Post” links

If you didn’t get what I’m talking about, here’s the newest trend:

your friend likes “Learn the Truth about McDonald’s food! (VERY Disturbing)”

you’re curious, you click like, you’re asked to “share”, you click on share, then you’re asked to post on your friends wall, you do that, result? The page keeps loading with no result.

Enough already with those :@ they just don’t work. Period.


2 Responses to "Facebook “Trends”"

ma hiye law bas zet l title kenet basita bas 7atta zet l pause zet l souwar zet l comments kelo houwe zeto khkhkhkhhkkhkh

w dakhlik eh chou hayda bkhsous l McDonald’s nataroune se3a w ma fata7 chou hayda

yeah all the same. exactly!!! the McDonald’s link never opened #Fail

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