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Posted on: July 14, 2010

With all the ads and posters advertising for this new film, I wasn’t curious at all to know what it is. “Oh please not another vampire story” I thought. Never even watched the ads or trailers. Didn’t even google it to know what’s it about.

But one day mom called me “Hey, Twilight is showing now, want to watch it?” I was in the kitchen, so I replied “Leave it, let’s see what the buzz is about. Be there in few minutes.” And I became one of Twilight’s biggest fans. And my interest grew to know more about it. So I googled it, read all about Stephenie Meyer and loved how the whole idea started from a single dream. I even searched to know more about the cast.

So what is it that made me change my mind? Twilight is not any vampire story. It’s not about those disgusting, blood thirsty vampires. I loved how extremes meet: a human being and a vampire. (reminds me about Kryptonite! yes, Superman and Lois Lane. Except that Superman never revealed who he is, and never did Edward, but Bella figured it out) I loved the fight that includes both extremes, hot and cold (Jake and Edward), to protect Bella (Oh, by the way I am on team Edward).

Click here for info about where it’s showing in Lebanon.


1 Response to "Twilight"

I wasn’t a huge fan myself! I didn’t think i would like it as much as i do now. 🙂
Turns out it’s not that bad after all.
The soundtracks to the 3 movies is very good too!
But still can’t decide! Sometimes I’m team Edward and sometimes Jacob 😛

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