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Facebook, Twitter & Me

Posted on: July 8, 2010

When I first learned about Facebook, I said to myself  “I’ll never open a Facebook account, never.” At that time, I met my cousin who I haven’t seen or heard from in years. (Let’s call him W). We exchanged our contact information and used to chat on MSN a lot to talk about all that went through those years. Until one day he said

“Why don’t you create yourself a Facebook account?”

“Why should I?” was my reply

“We’ll have so much fun.”

“Look, if you need me, call me. And we always chat on MSN, why Facebook?”

W kept nagging that I should have a FB account. A friend of mine also explained to me how FB works and the fact that I can find old friends.

“Find old friends?” I said to myself. “That seems nice. Worst case scenario, if I don’t like FB, I’ll delete my account”

So, I signed up on FB and became friends with W, my friend and many many others. It was kind of fun at the beginning. I was able to contact people (old friends, relatives, classmates, etc) I haven’t seen in ages. But that’s the only advantage I found through FB. And to be honest, me and my cousin used only MSN to talk, and rarely had conversations on FB.

Few months later, I was paying a friend of mine and her husband (I call them my sister and brother-in-law) a visit. Chatting about some stuff and websites, my brother-in-law mentioned Twitter. (I remember it was August 2008). He encouraged me to sign up, and I did. But it was so boring, until lately, Twitter gained more popularity. More of my friends signed up on Twitter, and I also met new people. Twitter was helpful in so many ways: introducing new websites, ideas, bloggers, news, information, etc.

The question that crosses my mind is: What’s after Twitter?


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