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It’s your heartbeats I want to hear,

It’s your smile I want to see,

I just want you here,

Being next to me;

Then I’m safe.

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1 – Pictures

Why is it that all picture albums of my friends on Facebook have the same title? “summer 2010” or if the person lives abroad and came to Lebanon for vacation, it changes to “summer lebanon 2010”; “christmas 2009” “new year’s eve 2010” “our prom 2010” and the list just goes on. It just disturbs me, feels like the same pictures repeating themselves. They don’t attract me to check them and comment.

2 – “Like, Share & Post” links

If you didn’t get what I’m talking about, here’s the newest trend:

your friend likes “Learn the Truth about McDonald’s food! (VERY Disturbing)”

you’re curious, you click like, you’re asked to “share”, you click on share, then you’re asked to post on your friends wall, you do that, result? The page keeps loading with no result.

Enough already with those :@ they just don’t work. Period.


So, you wake up and the first thing you hear about in the morning news “a road accident that killed and injured”. You feel hurt. You think about their parents and loved ones’ reactions. NO YOU HAVEN’T. Because if you had, we don’t have to hear about the road accident that you were involved in the next morning.

Wake up people!!! What is it that you haven’t learned yet from other experiences? What is it that you fail to understand? Is it really hard to understand that high-speed can get you killed? No, it isn’t. The concept is so clear, and I’m sure you have seen examples. Is it hard to understand why you’re not supposed to drive when you’re drunk? Absolutely not. You definitely heard about someone who was badly injured or dead in an accident because the driver was drunk.

What is it that you’re trying to prove when breaking the laws? You’re “the man”? You’re “cool”? “el jagal”? “king of the roads”? I’m sure you’ll prove them when you’re lying in the hospital’s bed or in your grave.

Seriously people: wake up!!! Why turn your fun and moments of joy to sad ones? Enjoy, have fun, don’t kill yourself, don’t kill others, and don’t be the cause of your loved ones’ sorrow.

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With all the ads and posters advertising for this new film, I wasn’t curious at all to know what it is. “Oh please not another vampire story” I thought. Never even watched the ads or trailers. Didn’t even google it to know what’s it about.

But one day mom called me “Hey, Twilight is showing now, want to watch it?” I was in the kitchen, so I replied “Leave it, let’s see what the buzz is about. Be there in few minutes.” And I became one of Twilight’s biggest fans. And my interest grew to know more about it. So I googled it, read all about Stephenie Meyer and loved how the whole idea started from a single dream. I even searched to know more about the cast.

So what is it that made me change my mind? Twilight is not any vampire story. It’s not about those disgusting, blood thirsty vampires. I loved how extremes meet: a human being and a vampire. (reminds me about Kryptonite! yes, Superman and Lois Lane. Except that Superman never revealed who he is, and never did Edward, but Bella figured it out) I loved the fight that includes both extremes, hot and cold (Jake and Edward), to protect Bella (Oh, by the way I am on team Edward).

Click here for info about where it’s showing in Lebanon.


When I first learned about Facebook, I said to myself  “I’ll never open a Facebook account, never.” At that time, I met my cousin who I haven’t seen or heard from in years. (Let’s call him W). We exchanged our contact information and used to chat on MSN a lot to talk about all that went through those years. Until one day he said

“Why don’t you create yourself a Facebook account?”

“Why should I?” was my reply

“We’ll have so much fun.”

“Look, if you need me, call me. And we always chat on MSN, why Facebook?”

W kept nagging that I should have a FB account. A friend of mine also explained to me how FB works and the fact that I can find old friends.

“Find old friends?” I said to myself. “That seems nice. Worst case scenario, if I don’t like FB, I’ll delete my account”

So, I signed up on FB and became friends with W, my friend and many many others. It was kind of fun at the beginning. I was able to contact people (old friends, relatives, classmates, etc) I haven’t seen in ages. But that’s the only advantage I found through FB. And to be honest, me and my cousin used only MSN to talk, and rarely had conversations on FB.

Few months later, I was paying a friend of mine and her husband (I call them my sister and brother-in-law) a visit. Chatting about some stuff and websites, my brother-in-law mentioned Twitter. (I remember it was August 2008). He encouraged me to sign up, and I did. But it was so boring, until lately, Twitter gained more popularity. More of my friends signed up on Twitter, and I also met new people. Twitter was helpful in so many ways: introducing new websites, ideas, bloggers, news, information, etc.

The question that crosses my mind is: What’s after Twitter?

اذا كنت قد ربيت ولد كونك والد، او شاهدت نمو ولد كونك من احد الأقرباء او الأصدقاء، فأنت حتماً شاهدت معجزة. فرؤية ولد ينمو من جنين الى طفل الى ولد الى مراهق ثم الى راشد امر يوثق علاقتك بالحياة. فعندما تكبر أنت، لا تشعر بروعة كل خطوة. لكن عندما تراقب عن كثب ترى الروعة

صحيح ان تربية الولد مرهقة من الناحيتين الجسدية والمعنوية، ولكن يتلاشى التعب كله ببسمة مرتسمة على شفاهه. وعندما يغمرك ويعبر عن محبته لك، تتجدد فيك القوة. وعندما تراه يكبر وينمو بصحة جيدة، فقد نلت مكافأتك. وأصغر المواقف تكون أطرفها وأجملها خاصة عندما يبدأ بالكلام

      ف حليب تلفظ لحبيب

برغشة: بغشرة

خلصت (انتهيت) : خصلت

انا لا احبه: انا حبو لأ

بندورة: بندوري

(هكذا يتكلمن أخواتي الثلاثة التوأم البالغات من العمر سنتين وتسعة أشهر)

ولا ينتهي الكلام عن الأولاد

 For English press here

Watching a child grow is trully a miracle. Wether you are a parent or a relative or a close friend to the family, you certainly have lived that experience. Watching him grow from a baby, to a child, to a teenager, to an adult makes you realize the power of life and it’s beauty. When you grow, you never sense that beauty; but when you observe closely, you certainly do.

Raising a child has never been an easy task. It is tiresome both physically and morally. But your work pays off when you see him smile, when he hugs you and express his love to you. And you know you’ve done it right when you see him grow into a healthy child. And the best of all those moments is when he starts talking and pronounce words in his own way (“stickers” becomes “sickit”, or singing Barney’s songs in a special way 😀 ) That’s how my sisters (triplets) speak, they are 2 years and 9 months old.

You never stop talking about kids and what they do, do you?

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