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Brad Pitt: he was born as “William Bradley Pitt” . His father owned a truck company. Brad was majoring in journalism; but two weeks before earning his degree, he decided to hit Los Angeles to study acting.

Angelina Jolie: When she was 14 she decided to drop acting lessons and wanted to become a funeral director. When she was 16 she went back to acting. (what a change!)

Johnny Depp: apart from being an actor and a musician, he’s also a winemaker and c0-owned a restaurant in France.

Rebecca Gayheart: (Eric Dane’s wife) killed a boy. She hit a nine year old boy with her car.  The cars infront of Rebecca stopped to permit the boy to cross the street. But she manuevered her car to pass them and hit the boy.

Leonardo DiCaprio: was named Leonardo because his mom was looking at Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting in a museum when he first kicked.

Whoopi Goldberg: her real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson

(I read about the above while searching for something on Wikipedia)


اليوم مخصص تنكتب بالعربي. وكان عبالي اكتب عن موضوع معين، بس للاسف الوقت كان ضدي. كتير كان في شغل، فما كان عندي وقت مخصص للكتابة. أنا جداً متأسفة لأن ما شاركت بشكل كامل. بتمنى يعجبكن هالنص الكتير الصغير



المعاش بطير قبل العصفور. منفرح بس يصير اخر الشهر لأن رح ناخود معاشنا، بس فرحتنا ما بتدوم اكتر من كم ساعة. حتى صرنا قبل منستلم المعاش، منصير نقسم الدفعات شو علينا وشو معنا. بيطلع بالآخر ما معنا شي. بس الحمدالله عم نشتغل وقادرين ندفع كم شغلة، مش هيك؟

I wish I were somewhere far away from civilization, people and technology. Somewhere where I could only hear birds sing. A place where trees and soft wind  hold long conversations, and the waterfall speaks out loud to interrupt their conversation.

(enough with wishing and dreaming already, back to work :P)

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Yes it is the truth. Men simply know how to make their lives easier. To clarify things a little bit around here, I’m talking about men who are older than 40 years; although somethings are applicable on younger men and boys, and ofcourse not all men above 40 years are discussed below.

Before engagement, he’s Mr. Perfect. He knows how to cook, iron cloths, etc. Her friends envy her so much for that; she’s always bragging about him. After marriage, well, he’s still Mr. Perfect. He prepares her morning coffee; if she ever gets sick he takes care of the house, cooks, prepares meals, and make sure she’s taking her medication. But after some years, when they have kids, when she mostly need him to be around and give her a hand, he isn’t Mr. Perfect anymore, and especially if he’s about his forties or above. It is at that stage that he decides to do things his own way. He’s own way is watching TV, browsing the internet, etc. when he comes home. At that stage he wants to have some time alone, enjoy life, do things his own way, and give himself a lot of time to relax. His excuse? He’s overloaded with work. He’s getting tired. He has too much responsibilities. What about your wife? Taking care of your family is a 24 hours job, don’t run from that. Why is it that your wife should be an employee and a housewife at the same time? She comes from work and start taking care of her responsibilities at home. She has to prepare food, she has to make sure her children studied well, she has to listen to their problems and solve them, and the list goes on. (Dear readers, I am not talking about all men. So all you men who are reading this don’t tell me: There are housewives/women who have maids and they spent their time at the spa and beauty salons. I am aware of those ladies and their lives.) So where did his charm and gentle disappear after so long? Why now when she mostly need him to be around?

I’m not asking men to do the household. I know they do work hard to provide their families with all their needs. But part of their responsibility is providing their families with care and love. That is done by simple stuff that will save their wives so much time and effort.

You have to make a decision concerning a certain subject. You thought about everything, evaluated your choices and made up your mind. The result? You’re either happy and satisfied, or made the wrong decision and paying  a high price for that.

But let’s say you made the right decision, and you’re 100% sure that it’s the right thing to do. Your hard work is paying off; and you start cultivating the fruits of your choice. You’re happy and working hard to stay on the same track and make things better by the minute. You seem to be very close to fulfilling your dreams, when suddenly and unexpectedly you find yourself back on level zero. Level zero means: weigh your options and evaluate them. You’re back to decision-making just when you thought you’re done with that.

C’est la vie, I guess.

Wael Kfoury’s new song 😀

What can I say??? Amazing song!!! LOVED it.

Did you pay attention to the part where he forgets he’s lip-synching? Let’s set things straight here: Wael Kfoury has an amazing voice and deep knowledge in music. When he’s singing he’s really caught in the music; therefore lip-synching is not for Wael. So, Star Academy management, next time you have Wael as a guest in one of the primes, get him an orchestra to play for him, and let us enjoy his voice and performance.

And Congratulations to Nassif Zaytoun, you deserve it.


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