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Posted on: May 21, 2010

This post is dedicated to share with you my opinion on some songs:

1 – “3abaly Habibi” by Elissa:

Let’s be clear first: Elissa I love you. I am one of your biggest fans. But I am definitely not a fan of the above mentioned song. It is really nice to have a song that translates a dream that almost all girls dream. It is normal that girls think about the day they get married to the one they love. And finally there’s a song that those girls can sing along with their dream. I love the meaning that that song carries, but I stongly dislike the lyrics used. The lyrics seem so naive to me. For example, the use of “ent” more than the usual (w jib menak ent teflak ent metlak ent) looks like they ran out of words so they exceeded in using it. Fares Iskandar you could have used metaphors and other figurative language to emphasis and elaborate the meaning. Again, this is only my opinion.

2 – “kan sadi2i” by Melhem Zein:

Melehm Zein, I am also a fan of yours. But I honestly hated “kan sadi2i”. It also has to do with the lyrics. “sar 3aduwe, w be2uwe”  “w badik hanike bhayda” I hated the use of slang language. Compare it to the lyrics of “la tsheki fiye”, that’s an amazing song, romantic and classy.


1 Response to "Dodo’s opinion"

ya3ne mni7 ba3edna 3am nesma3 kam ghaniye metel l khale2 , mni7 ba3ed fi chi byensama3

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