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The Phone Number (3)

Posted on: May 10, 2010

Graduated and with a full-time job, Wasseem is now back to life: back to social life, with a cell phone and a car.

His manager called him to his office and said, “Wasseem, in this file you will find the details of something very important. It is a project that I want you to cover: conferences, events, and parties. Take the rest of the day off. Go home or somewhere silent, and read it carefully. Tomorrow morning I’ll meet you in my office at 10.”

Wasseem couldn’t believe what he was reading. It’s what every journalist dreams of; it’s indeed a great oppurtunity. This project will reveal his capabilities and add the best experience to his career.

He met the manager and they went over the details together. The manager explained to him that the rewards of this project are enormous.

“Wasseem, one more thing, you need a partner to help you in this project.”  He asks his secretary to send him Reem. “I choose your partner. She’s a female. Hope you like her.” (A knock on the door) “Please come in. Wasseem this is Reem. Reem this is Wasseem.”

“Nice to meet you”

Wasseem and Reem had to sit together to plan for their work. Their first work on the list was due in two days. They agreed that he’ll pick her up from her house. He drove to the address she told him about, but when he got there he was a bit lost and he didn’t have her mobile number to call her; he had one choice and it was to blow the car horn. He heard someone shout “Hey, keep silent”. Then out of nowhere came Reem.

“Sorry, I got lost. Where exactly is your house?”

She pointed to her house, “Don’t worry, it’s ok. And this guy is always busy keeping track of what’s going on in the neighbourhood and playing the role of the policeman.”

When he dropped her back to her house he asked her “May I have your mobile number please so I won’t get caught by the policeman?”

“Haha, sure. It’s 03-xyzzyx”

Wasseem couldn’t believe what he was saving on his cell phone, it’s his previously owned number. “Is she the one that I called, and she asked me not to call her again? Or did that lady sell it to Reem?”

“Reem calling Wasseem. Is something wrong? I asked you for your number so when you call I’ll know it’s you.”

“Oh sorry. Here’s my number.”

“Thank you. Are you sure you’re ok.”

“Yeah I am. Will see you tomorrow.”

See you next week!!!

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2 Responses to "The Phone Number (3)"

OOOOOH! 🙂 hehe nice twist at the end there.

“She’s a female”
His boss must be french educated

thank you Tarek!!! 😀
(I knew it!! I knew someone will comment on “she’s a female” hihi) (just trying to use the Lebanese version of the English Language, mixing languages)

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