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The Phone number (1)

Posted on: April 26, 2010

“How is my lovely mother doing this morning? Good morning” Wasseem greets his mother, hugs her and kiss her.

“I’m very good cause I have you in my life. Good morning baby. Tell me, did you enjoy last night’s party with your friends?

“Wow, we had lots of fun.” (he sings: we had joy we had fun, we had seasons in the sun) “except that it was night-time, so there was no sun, mom. Mom, I need to ask you something, why do I love you so much? Is there a reason why?”

“Ok what do you want? I told you before don’t go beating around the bush, just tell me what do you want.”

“I need nothing; I’m just telling you that I love you.”

“You need money. You spent all of your salary. How..”

Wasseem interrupts, “Mom, today is March 31, today I’ll get my salary. So, no, I don’t need money.”

“Good for you. Speaking about money..”

“Here we go again.”

“Seriously, baby, you should stop wasting your money.”

“Going out with my girlfriend and friends, and enjoying life is not wasting money.”

“Are you still dating Noor?”


“I’m impressed. You’ve been together for some time now. That doesn’t sound like you.”

“Well, she’s special.”

“Is she the one?”

“Ah, too early to know. But she’s special, and I kind of like her.” His phone rings. “That’s Omar, he’s here.” Hugs his mother again, “should go now. Another hectic day. Straight to university, then at one I have to go to work. Bye. Love you. Don’t wait for me for dinner. Might work on a project tonight with the boys. Will call you.”

“Say hi to Noor and Omar. Bye, take care.”

With that, Wasseem started his day. Off to university to attend his classes, and then, to work. Noor was waiting for him in the class. They attended all classes together.

As a journalist student, he had a part-time job with a local teen magazine. He was hoping that as soon as he graduates he’ll find a full-time work.

After classes, he went to his work without any delay. Afterall, it was the end of the month.

“Wasseem”, his manager called him, “I need you in my office now.”

Wasseem entered the manager’s office. “Wasseem”, the manager started the conversation, “this is your salary. We are going through some changes at our company. We are getting rid of part-time jobs. This means you no longer work for us. Now you have to prepare for me a report on what articles you were working, and I’ll take it from there. It is the new company policy, I’m so sorry. I’m even sorry that I had to jump right away into the subject. It’s not about you, just the company policy.”

Wasseem was in shock and didn’t know what to say. “Thank you,” and left the office. Few hours later he gave the report to the manager and left for good.

Omar called him. “Hey, don’t be late, we need to work on the project. I am home, and the boys are almost here. Do you want me to pick you up?”

“No,” Wasseem replied, “and don’t wait for me. I got fired today, and I don’t want to see anyone, just want to go home.”

“Fired??? What??? Wait for me, 5 minutes and I’ll be there. We need to talk.”

See you next week!!!

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