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Hi, kifak? Ca va?

Posted on: April 14, 2010

I love that sentence!!! Yes, I do.

Why the whole debate about it, I really don’t know why. It is used in our daily speech with friends and family members.  I have never heard anyone say “Hi kifak? Ca va?” when hosting a political show, have you?This is informal speech, and there are absolutely NO RULES for informal speech.

Most of our daily speech is informal; but there’s no debate about it. For example, “shou kifak elyoum?” ; in formal Arabic it’s “كيف حالك اليوم؟”. It’s not a subject of debate. Why? Because it’s informal.

 To me “Hi, kifak? Ca va?” or “Maitre, please l7seib” is the power of the Lebanese. It’s what make us so special: being able to express ourselves in 3 languages. You never hear a French or American say that.

Lebanese are multilingual. And it not just about using 3 languages in a sentence. A Lebanese talks to a foreigner in his own language. How? When he meets an Egyptian, a Lebanese speaks the Egyptian dialect. When he meets a Chinese, well it doesn’t work in this case!!! But I think you got my point.

The Lebanese are unique and I love them!!!


2 Responses to "Hi, kifak? Ca va?"

dodo i love that sentence too and i use it all time hehehehe

haha, yes we all do!!!

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